Monday, March 26, 2007

Roanoke Times Apology

This from the Virginia Citizens Defense League:

The Roanoke Times has issued an explanation about their publishing the CHP holder database. But they don't explain equating concealed handgun permit holders with sex offenders, for example.

While I'm glad the Roanoke Times has said they don't want to repeat their mistakes, if the Roanoke Times thinks that their explanation, which still justifies much of what they did, is an apology, they are greatly mistaken.

Until they issue an apology for slurring the reputations for 140,000 gun owners by equating permit holders with sex offenders and until the paper holds someone at the RT accountable for the damage they have done to many permit holders' lives, the RT has not settled the issue.

BTW, to show what we are dealing with here, Christian Trejbal now has an article that says when driving he won't yield to anyone who has a political bumper sticker he disagrees with.

So everyone's safety comes second to Trejbal's politics? Well, at least he is consistent in his view that the world revolves around him.

We still need another one hundred people to sign up for a VCDL license plate (you do so on the VCDL web site), before we can order them.

Don't you know that Trejbal would love to see one of those license plates in front of him as he is driving down the road! ;-)

Here is the Roanoke Times' explanation of their actions on publishing the CHP holder database:

Also: VCDL now indicates that CNN is still working on their story on this incident and it should air sometimes this week, most likely on Friday at 8 PM EST.

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