Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CZ 85

How many shooters today have any appreciation for the guns of CZ - of the CZ-75 design?
Most likely very few.

Well, at least very few in the US.

The other day I took out my CZ 85. That's the CZ-75 design with a fully adjustable rear sight. This one is in nickel - 9mm. And not too long ago, I had a trigger job done on it by CZ Custom in Arizona.
Now the CZ trigger out of the box is not bad, but it has some creep. For me, the creep was tolerable but annoying, and I felt it was reducing the inherent ability of the gun to show it's true potential as a target pistol at 25 yards. CZ Custom, did a great job for a very reasonable price. The trigger pull was reduced to what feels like 2 lbs to me, all creep is gone. - a new hammer was part of the process.
Now this gun shoots like a dream.

The target below, is my results of testing some new handloads, shooting from the bench at 25 yards. While my results standing with a two hand hold were not as good as this...they were 85% of all shots in the 9 and 10 ring.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Current State of Affairs

While the US Government is in the throws of disarray over a budget stalemate, a debt ceiling confrontation and complete partisan bickering at home....not to even mention....pending overseas security flareups...and continue deep division internally over immigration and other liberal agenda key goals....we who cherish the Second Amendment can for the time being rest assured that nothing extreme is going to happen to dilute our gun rights.

It is about time though that the majority of politicians got around to stop mentally ill people from owning guns.

So...why don't we see legislation that requires mental health professionals to turn over to the ATF the identifying information for anyone who is deemed a potential threat to the safety of others. This means we will need to err on the side of the public's right to be safe....and let these medical professionals make the initial call - which can be appealed later - but would stop a gun transfer from occurring. A federal law is needed to get this done...with penalties for those mental health professionals who prefer to be politically correct....and look the other way.