Friday, July 11, 2008

Yahoo Tell Second Amendment to Drop Dead

For the last month or so, I have been advertising my web site for gun sales using Google and Yahoo.

These technological giants have editorial policies that are more in line with the Washington Post and the New York Times and therefore they take liberty to deny the right to advertise for certain products and services.

No one would argue with their right to limit advertisements for things like sex, or illicit drugs etc. But they also have policies that deny the right to advertise if your selling guns.

Somehow, these liberal, elitist, technocrats, feel the word a dirty word. A gun should not be sold....they should help sell guns etc. Somehow they feel that a product that supports your right to protect yourself, your family or engage in a sport like hunting, target shooting beneath their elitist standards....not worthy of their support and somehow advertising dollars earned from gun ads would be like blood money.

So after one month of having my ad run in Yahoo for my site Cutler Sport Services , Yahoo decided to stop my add. They just pulled the plug.

They didn't care that I am an FFL holder, that I transfer weapons only to other FFL holders. No distinction between a casual seller of used guns versus a business selling guns or shooting supplies. Of course not. Subtle distinctions are used by liberals only when it promotes advancing rights that they support. Otherwise there is no gradations of color. Its all black and white. Guns = Bad. If I was selling Breast Enlargement that would = Good.

No big deal - their running my add cost be around $30 and generated zip.

But the principle is what matters here. So far, Google is not acting so anal.

So, dear supporters of the Second Amendment please take note.

If you use Yahoo you are supporting an Anti-Gun anti-Second Amendment company. So don't use them. Truth is Yahoo doesn't have the market share anyway - and who knows maybe tom morrow my Google add will also be killed.

But for now - get the word out: Yahoo views consumer need for firearm information in the same way it views pornography. I suspect Yahoo would conclude that not all sex advertising is bad - but any gun ads are forbidden. Lets send a message to Yahoo - drop your subscription to any of their services today - just one small step you can take to support your Second Amendment rights.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Condems Guns

Well if you side with some religious groups - a gun lover is not a God lover.

I find it sad, but predictable, that so many religious interest groups whose members have historically been oppressed, and even murdered for their religious beliefs, now find it appropriate to condemn those of us who cherish our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, as being less in tune with what the Devine desires of us.

The last time I read the Old Testament, God did not advocate surrender of one's life to a thief, rapist, killer, or a wild animal.

Perhaps it is simple the pacifists among us, and among them, who are outraged that the Supreme Court has affirmed your right to own a firearm.

More on their narrow perspective - here