Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will the Supreme Court Rule

Washington, of the most dangerous places on earth, is now asking the Supreme Court to support its position that citizens do not have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Mr. Fenty, DC's current champion of freedom and justice for all, hopes the Supremes will reverse the Federal Appeals Court ruling that cites DC's draconian gun laws as unconstitutional.

I thought his honor would demur to Democratic politicians who did not want this issue coming before the court and especially not during a Presidential campaign.

Now Ms. Hillary and company will have to answer the question....Do you solemnly swear to defend and support the constitution of the United States, so help you God....including the Second Amendment....that provides for the right of the people.......not the keep and bear arms.

This embarrassing question will be posed to those freedom loving liberals who will then hem and haw, which most of the electorate will see as evidence of least those inclined to care about their Second Amendment rights.

Excellent chance that the Court will take the case and rule before November 2008. Excellent chance that it will affirm the Individual right to keep and bear arms.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Media Focus on the AK

The Associated Press points to the AK and its inventor, with a clear implication that somehow the AK's creator should be oozing with guilt over the results of his great invention.

So, once again the media takes the position that a weapon designed to defend Russia against its enemies is somehow inherently evil.

This fits the anti weapon bias of the press, who can't even see the reality of an armed force organized and equiped to effectively defend a nation.

The AP would prefer a guilt ridden Mikhail Kalashnikov, a guilt ridden John Browning, Eugene Stoner etc...individuals whose inventions have saved countless lives.

The paradox of our reality is something our media just can't accept.

Weapons intended to defend and save lives can and are used offensively and without merit. This is the nature of man and not the nature of the weapon. The weapon does nothing by itself.

But we don't really expect the media to tell that point of view.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Media Outrage

Last March, the Roanoke Times decided to "out" thousands of CCW holders in Virginia. Now the same tactic has been used by an Ohio newspaper.

The Roanoke Times ceased its actions after a huge outcry, but so far the small minded newspaper editor involved in the Ohio incident is still defending their actions.

This type of attack on gun owners will continue until state laws are enacted making such release of sensitive information illegal.

So if you live in Ohio, start contacting your state legislators.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

K-31 Made Like a Swiss Watch

I took my old K-31 Schmidt-Rubin out to the range just for some fun the other day. This surplus straight pull bolt action keeps surprising me with its quality and accuracy.

Shooting from the bench at 100 yards, my hand loaded ammo worked well, and produced outstanding results for a military rifle that costs around $100 on today's surplus market.
This particular K-31 has all matching serial numbers, and even had the Swiss Reservist's name and address on a small piece of paper behind the butt plate.

The ammo is almost equivalent to a 30-06. But availability is an most K-31 owners load their own. The brass is available and of course 7.62 bullets come in all varieties. I use 165gr Remington soft points.

So if you are looking for a gun that was made in the 1950's with the quality of a Swiss watch, and for a good price, then look no further. Grab a K-31 while they are still available.