Saturday, February 23, 2008

National Parks Now Open to Firearms

Per the NRA, looks like the Interior Dept. has got the message.

Grass Roots efforts made this happen....with a little help from the NRA.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

National Parks Firearm Vote Pending

Well Congress is now poised to vote on an ammendment to an important Interior Dept. bill which would legalize the carrying of loaded firearms in National Parks.

This amendment is strategically proposed to achieve what the Interior Dept. has thus far failed to voluntarily do, despite over half of Congress voicing support of the change.

It is a political opportunity to show Obama and Clinton for what they are. Will they support a common sense proposal to expand gun rights....or continue to pander to the leftist pacifists in their party?

Law abiding citizens who pass through National Park land, should not have to worry about being arrested. If they are in compliance with state and local law there is no good reason to prevent them from having weapons, loaded or unload in a National Park.

Frankly, I visit National Parks several times a year - and I am concerned about running into trouble in the woods. Yet, I have to make a decision not to carry, even though I have a permit to carry. It does not matter that the odds of running into a dangerous animal or person is remote.
What is the Interior Department's concern.....that I may illegally hunt on federal land? That I may get mad at a hiker and shoot them? The reality is....there is no issue here. Hunters, sportsman, hikers, nature lovers should be allowed to exercise the same freedoms they enjoy outside the parks when they are within the boundaries of a national park.

I doubt if the Dems will allow this amendment to come to a vote. They hate to be forced to make a stand that might offend their base, or jeopardize what ever weak support they currently have among sportsman, hunters and other gun owners.

We Can Have Safer Schools

In light of the Illinois campus shooting, we can see more evidence that schools that allowed concealed carry are indeed safer schools.

We may yet learn that the shooter in this most recent case was confined to an institution, but that state mental health authorities did not forward his name to the NIC system, and therefore he passed the background investigation. Obama and Clinton have already reacted to the latest shooting with their appropriate sound bites. It is noted that Obama both supports an Individual's right to bear arms and supports D.C. Governments handgun ban. Now there's a man who can eloquently speak out of both sides of his mouth.

We will find out once again, the gun laws if properly administered in this case could have prevented a tragedy - given the fact that the ACLU, and mental health professionals are loath to have patient data provided to the federal government.....more of these incidents will occur.

Campus police just can't cope with this. The only solution is concealed carry on Campus.

Let's see if this issue - with this solution - can be framed as a question in upcoming Presidential debates.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Campus Bloodshed Again

Well, here we go again. Another Campus shooting.

Defenseless in Illinois.

Of course the state legislative would not dare allow law abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

When will the madness end. Well we know that nuts will always be with us and they will likely have access to weapons. Can't we at least even up the odds a little, and give some innocents a fighting chance.

Forget the Campus police.....everyone knows they can't stop this.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Supreme Court Case Gets More Support From Congress

Dick Cheney has joined a majority of Congress in a "friend of the Court" brief to be filed with the Supreme further support the proposition that the Second Amendment is being violated by the D.C. gun ban.

As it becomes clearer each day that at least politically, D.C.'s gun ban is on the way out...we may not know for several more months how large a victory will be achieved.

While it is likley that an individual's right to own a firearm will be uplheld, the power of government to regulate the sale and possession of firearms may also be sustained.

We can only hope that Dracarion laws, like those in D.C., New York City and Chicago will be undone and a clear message sent to the anti-self-protection crowd.

As for the current moment in Presidential least John McCain had the good sense to re-afirm his support for the Second Amendment in front of CPAC.

Their will be only one choice for gun owner's in November....and sitting out the election is not one of them.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Right to a Safe Education

The Guns on Campus debate continues as the Right to Carry on Campus comes closer to law in some states.

How many more Virginia Tech's will it take to change the pacifist mind set of the elite liberal establishment.

Of course they won't change their minds.....only state or national legislation will make the change a reality.

The liberal left will continue to support an Obama....who not too long ago advocated confiscation of all handguns.....except for those like Cho....who likely would find a way to evade such a the left's ultimate vision of a safe society would remain incomplete....since only criminals would be safe....and safe to harm you.