Friday, March 18, 2016

Mosin Nagant Again

It has been a long time since I commented on the virtues, relatively of the Russian Mosin Nagant.

Mine is still going evidenced by the pictures 100yds, from the bench, using Surplus Romanian ammo.

For me...this is the perfect utilitarian weapon...accurate enough for most needs....and if you can still find them....they are still a good buy.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Politics for Today

So, tomorrow more primary elections will be held....and more clarity will come to US in...who will be more likely to get nominated.

For me it is very simple.

Hillary Clinton is a lying, shallow, piece of poop.

Bernie Sanders is a delusional communist.

Trump is a bombastic, narcissistic, blowhard.
Cruz is not to be trusted.

Rubio is a shallow, lightweight.

The Ohio governor is a loser.

So, who shall I vote for....who shall you vote for.

Simple; vote for the best of the lot.

Who can lead and ultimately make us better, stronger, safer.

No choice here.

The choice is between winners and losers.

Trump can defeat Hillary.

Trump can lead.

Trump has the Guts to succeed.

The rest....forget it.

Those poor liberals who will vote for a Bernie or a Hill of Beans....feel sorry for them...they are delusional...

Sad fact...30% of the country are just losers...just want something for nothing...won't to shit to earn a thing.

They are lost.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Democrats are Idiots - But that's Good

I noticed that a number of Congressional Democrats are asking the Obamination in Chief to ban the import of certain firearms that don't fit their interpretation of having a sporting purpose. Of course the ban on assault style weapons died years ago, and among the most popular are AK style weapons where parts or whole weapons are imported. Many companies are doing a brisk business in fine AK rifles using a combination of imported and domestically produced parts. All of this is perfectly legal and in accordance with ATF regs, which are strictly enforced.

So, what's up with the Dem Idiots -

It is simple, - they are trying to make sure that they lose the vast majority of upcoming Congressional and Gubernatorial well as any chance of staying in control of the White House.

Historical fact - More gun control is a loser for Democrats.

Reality - Dems are in this current day, no longer concerned with any impact on real problems....everything is about appealing to some political faction in their base.

Their base is composed of societies losers - those that fear individual rights and prefer collective rights, especially the right to be coddled by the nannie state.

Of course millions of gun owners who previously voted with them out of pure stupidity, may finally be awaking. So, my dear idiot liberal, leftist, anarchistic, neurotic adherents to Stat-ism, go forth and push more laws that restrict the rights of citizens to defend themselves.

I look forward to your further political decline into complete obsolescence as the majority of voters continue to reject your failed ideology.

As has been consistently documented recently, - the elites have no desire to enforce current gun laws. Enforcing the current law is not politically advantageous to them....why you ask?

Simple; it is their constituents who commit crime with illegal guns....if they prosecute their constituents they can no longer vote for Democrats. Better to leave them on the street and keep them as a potential supporter....and besides since most gun crime is done by minority members racially speaking.....well it is politically just incorrect to subject these poor discriminated folks to jail time for merely using illegal guns.

No wonder someone like Trump is getting real traction.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hiatus Over

Long time asleep,

My writing will now continue.

So....just for starters.

The Second Amendment is alive and well and flourishing.

During my recent range activity I notice more newbies, first time shooters of all ages....

No surprise considering the continued surge in gun purchases.

Wonder if we could ever get the demographics on gun purchasers who are first time gun buyers....of course there is no database for that.....????

Simple political truth.

The Democrats are currently running a Lemming Strategy.

Tout Gun control as loud as you can, and you will solidify your leftist base....which was already in your will turn away independents and gun owning Democrats, and anyone else who cares about their ability to own a gun.
You will lose voters....but you are lemmings so you don't care.

You seek your own destruction....

Not depressing at all to me.