Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Target Shooting on Public Land Safe for the Time Being

Well, political reality has reared its ugly head at the White Interior Dept. announces that it won't proceed with regulations to reduce target shooters access to public land. Another minor victory for the Second Amendment, as Obama knows this is not the time to pick a fight with gun owners.

His fight will begin....if he gets elected...or so he is telling his anti-gun allies. Just wait until my second term.

The chances of a second term may seem slim at the moment, but that depends on how smart the GOP plays taking on a leadership message that resonates with independents.

Just wish I had easy access to wide open spaces that some of you have....would love to try 1000 yrd shots.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweedish Mauser Time

Range day using a 1918 Sweedish Mauser. They just don't make guns like they used to...Sweedish quality....brings great accuracy combined with the wonderful 6.5 Sweedish cartridge. Using Rem 130 grain bullets and IMR 4064 powder....37 grains....I get consistantly great results at 100 yards from a rest position.

If you can find one of these buy it. Around 7 years ago, I paid around $190.

Results below are with the stock open sights.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carry Bill OK in the House

Well the ability to carry concealed in this country has taken a great forward step with the passage in the House of the legislation to require all states to recognize and accept within limits the carry permits issued by other states.

The Bill will go on to the Senate....some day....perhaps...and become part of the election campaign cycle. Likley...Obama ....will not support never know....Dems...are against this liberalization...of a right that most of them feel is repugnant....that this the Second Amendment right to protect oneself with a firearm.

Given the elections...even the Dems in the Senate might go along....and if so....would Obama veto this?

You can read more here

Of course the anti-gunners just love this legislation....why it shows how crazy all those Republicans are....supporting.....such a conservative perspective.....over their better judgement....since this will act to impact "states rights"....States rights my ass.  These gun haters don't give a Sh"t about states rights or any rights except their right to your money....their right to control promote their welfare state.

So...perhaps soon we who carry won't have to worry about being arrested when we cross the state line...doing what we do as law abiding citizens....trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.  And soon perhaps....criminals....terrorists....zombie socialists....and leftists will have to increase their fear of us....the average Joe.....who...just might give them a bad day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

hk usp 40 Compact

In the world of semi handguns HK stands out as having a uniform stellar reputation for quality and accuracy. Along with that goes price. The HK USP 40 Compact is almost twice the price of its closest rival the Glock 23.

For those who desire a German engineered and manufactured weapon that will stand out in the crowd...the answer may be yes.

I took an HK USP 40 Compact out for a test drive today at 25 yards, Standing two hand hold...using Remington UMC SW 40 180 grain bullets. I noted that this gun did extremely well with this round, as compared to stock Winchester 185 grain ammo.

The HK has features the Glock doesn't...Like a safety and a decocker. It is about the same size and weight...and overall, after shooting the Glock 23 for many years I would have to say that the accuracy of the HK is superior to the Glock.

Is the difference worth the increased price?

That depends on your viewpoint. Both are very reliable. Both are accurate enough for any defensive situation. The Glock is easy to maintain....and replacement parts are very available. The HK has a good market support network.

I would say, if you desire a very accurate defensive pistol that will deliver when you need it the HK....but you certainly can be happy with a Glock 23, SW M&P, Springfield XD40 etc.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Right to Carry in all States

House Republicans are preparing to take up legislation next week that would make it easier for people to carry a concealed weapon as they travel from state to state.

Well maybe soon we will see support in both the House and the Senate to get this enacted.

It is about time.

Only liberal Wuss Democrats from Chicago and NYC and San Francisco would object to this one.
And of course all those other anti gun folks who want the world to be what it is for them...where everyone loves everyone....Well...their Nirvana will never come.

Sadly, good people are murdered every day - by animals who have no soul.

Most of us understand good vs evil. Most of us are willing to defend our families and ourselves. Most of us trust ourselves to deal with life and death decisions if they come.

For those pure Wusses out there who fear others and themselves...well I pity you. You who don't trust anyone other than the Police to protect you. You who would deny me the chance to protect those I love.

Well...look in the mirror if your one of those types....then repeat after me.....I am a hapless, hapless Wuss. Every day I live in fear....and becuase I is not right that others don't.

Now if that perspective is is not too late. You can go to your local range...and get some lessons in using a firearm. You can learn how to be self reliant. You can learn to trust yourself.

Or you can remain as you are....a loser.

We who carry concealed....wish you the best....but don't look for me to protect you and yours. That is your responsibility, not mine, and not the state....while cops may try to help the end you are responsible for your own well being and that of your family.

It just may turn out that when this legislation finally will be safer...because we are out there armed....and are mere a deterrent....well sometimes.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Herman Cain's Nine Lives ?

As reported by this British blog it is somewhat surprising and even inspiring that the issue of alleged sexual harassment has not sunk Cain.

So, liberals, leftists, and all their Obama friends are getting slightly nervous. They of course will completely freak out if Cain is successful and lands on the GOP ticket (as Presidential or VP nominee).

It is very appealing seeing a genuine person running for President. Who was the last 'real people candidate'....Harry Truman?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ruger 10/22 Rebuild

Here is a short report on my Ruger 10/22 rebuild.

This gun was stock until recently...purchased for me when I was 16 years old.

Added the stock, Adams and Bennett barrel, new extractor spring, new hammer spring.
The trigger is about 3 lbs...the sear was honed decades ago and not touched since.

I have been experimenting with Wolf Target ammo. So far the results are very good...except for a tendency for misfires. Not sure if this is just the lot I bought...and this seems to be only a problems on this gun...not a problem with my CZ I think the new Ruger firing pin I put in is just a tad short of what I need for consistent ignition for this Wolf ammo.

At 50 yds I am happy with these results with a number of 5 shot groups under half an inch.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Herman Cain on Trial

The following is a comment I submitted to Politico today. They have not always allowed my comments to be posted...seems I touch a raw nerve with them every now and then.

Here is the post.

It is not unfair to raise reasonable questions regarding the personal conduct of someone who wants to be the President of the USA.

But, what we have here is an allegation and a private resolution and no proof that anything happened.

So...Politico took a political biased cheap shot in airing part of a story and not first finding out if the allegations were ever substantiated.

The mere fact that females are paid off....does not mean anything.

I once worked for the US Gov't. We paid an employee $50,000 in taxpayer money to retire early and drop allegations of sexual bias. The allegations were unfounded. But lawyers decided defending the manager involved would cost more than just paying this malcontent loser to go away.

Shamefully, this is what passes for the way we do business in this country.

We waste public and private money because there is no negative consequence to making a false accusation.

So...until it is proved that Cain did something wrong....real journalism would warrant objective reporting ...and it looks like Politico is just what it appears to be...a left leaning political rag...that would rather score cheap points with the left...than do serious journalism.

Where was Politico when reports of Obama consorting with former terrorists arose. How about Obama's reported indulging in cocaine.

How about his relationship with an American hating preacher for 20 years?

Well are on trial too.

You will be held to a new standard of the rest of us who are tired of liberals being allowed to get away with anything as far as the media is concerned.

Let see you hold Obama and his friends to the same journalistic standards you employ with Conservatives. I won't hold my breath.