Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chris Christie for President?

Why would anyone who cares about their Second Amendment rights want Chris Christi to be President. He is not a great supporter of Gun Rights. He takes the position that what is on the books is OK, no new laws are needed. But gun owners know there are still many over bearing laws in effect, and NJ is one state which stands out.

The only reason to advocate for Christie -is fear that all the other GOP potential candidates could not win against Obama.

That fear is an unrealistic one. The other day, Christie spoke of an American exceptional-ism, that doesn't dictate to the world....he sounded much like Obama. He spoke of seeking compromise - but compromise of core principles lead to the mess we are in.

So, in my view - he is not a good choice - for the sake of the Second Amendment and for America and I hope he stays out of the race.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Next President

For the moment, as we are a little early in the election campaign for President, not too much is being focused upon the Second Amendment Position of the GOP front runners.

Gun owners already know that nothing "bad" has happened under Obama - yet most know that he would reduce gun ownership by hook or crook if he could get away with it. The latest ATF fiasco on the Mexican boarder - shows the real nature of this administration. It was designed to set up a scenario where the DOJ could prove that Mexican drug crime was fueled by American guns. It failed in that, at great cost in human life. When will those accountable for this injustice be brought to justice. Don't expect anything will happen until after this Administration is kicked out of office.

So what about Romney and Perry on the Second Amendment.

We know Romney has waffled on the Second Amendment. Just do a Google search on Mitt Romney Second Amendment - and the record will be evident. In general he is supportive. But he is not a promoter of Assault weapons - or increased registration - but as some believe, his RINO nature - compels him to stay on the "right" side of the Second Amendment - we can assume....that he would be a "safe" canidate - meaning he would not advocate for more gun control while running for President.

Perry is more likley to never waiver on Second Amendment issues - yet he is so far ineffective in explaining why Illegal Aliens get educational preferences in Texas.

From the narrow perspective of just gun rights, Perry would be the better candidate, but so far - and it is early he has not demonstrated a command of specifics that clearly explain a firm grasp on all the key issues of the day - nor an ability to garner the Independent vote.

So the current front GOP prosepective candidates have some real weaknesses. These are minor compared to Obama.....but still the question will continue to resonate in likley voters seeking a change - who is more electable - and who in general will better unite us.

So far my personal view is that Perry looks too much like Bush. Mitt Romney needs to show that he is done waffling on issues. If Perry can get beyond his immigration history - get more specific, and less defensive - he could be the one.

He has to appeal to the Independents....and so far the fear campaign against his desire to reform Social Security has taken a toll.

He has time to overcome these weaknesses.

It is going to be interesting - Either way - the likley GOP candidate will be far superior to the ineffective President we now have.

Hopefully Americans have learned a lesson.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

East German Makarov

It has been a while since I grabbed my East German Makarov in 9x18 Makarov and went out to the range to put it through its paces at 25 yards on a Bullseye target.

These are still available but the price may now be a bit above the $325 I paid for it some years ago.

This one was in excellent condition, and using ammo from Russia (Barnaul) as you can see from the picture it did very well using a two hand hold, standing unsupported...and considering the tiny front sight on this gun.

What can I say except that both the gun and the shooter excelled.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1873 Winchester

Recently went to the range with a new Uberti 1873 Winchester in 45 Long Colt.
After working up some loads, it appears a keeper may be 8 grains of Unique with a Hornady FTX 225 Grain on top. Some of my groups at 75 yards were around 1 inch. The gun is a beauty and I will soon add a tang sight and get a trigger job to reduce the current pull down to about 4 lbs.

More range reports to follow, but for now, here is watch she looks like.