Friday, May 25, 2007

Penn. Gun Law Proposal

While some may decry the new proposed Penn. state gun laws, I see nothing bad in them.

The most extreme thing that is likely to become law is the one gun a month rule for handguns.

This is the law if VA, except for CCW holders. It has not been a problem. Being limited to 12 handgun purchases a year is not an issue for most of us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Should You Worry

In a recent survey a small minority(5%) of Muslims living in America expressed support for Al-Qaida while 13 percent saw justification is suicide bombings.

When the population being surveyed is in excess of 2 million, even a small number of potential supporters of terrorist tactics is worrisome.

Lets hope this is not lost on anyone, including Muslims.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Open Carry

It is generally rare that open carry becomes a controversial issue, mainly because most gun owners living in locations that allow open carry, just don't do it.

In Idaho, a couple of teenagers are exercising their right and getting noticed.

This is a non-issue for most gun owners. And personally, as long as the ability to carry concealed is granted in a given state, the issue of open carry just doesn't excite me.

I understand why some feel its important to exercise the right to retain it. Those who have CCW permits have options for self protection that most often negates the issue of open carry.

Yes, we all know CCW is not allowed in certain places. Most CCW holders have no problem abiding by the rules knowing that something can always happen when their in a restricted zone.

Open carry is rarely exercised. The right to open carry will remain until someone can establish that it does more harm than good. So hats off to the two young teenagers who are setting an example in their community on how to open carry in a respectful manner.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Does Anyone Have a Stamp?

How about this for a new way to catch criminals. Lets micro stamp each cartridge fired with the gun type, serial number etc.

When the bad guys leave spent cases behind, now LEOs can easily find them?

This is getting traction and may become law.

So what's wrong with the idea.

1. It will added modest costs to each new semi-auto sold
2. Criminals will not hesitate to use some abrasive to mark up the bolt face and destroy the ability to micro stamp the case.

Some bad folks may actually get caught because of this new tool.....especially those who firing the gun without pre-mediation.

Is this foolish legislation ?

Maybe if it can actually help LEOs, and its not obtrusive technology, well maybe its a good idea?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Islamic Fears

Seems, foreign ministers of Islamic nations are horrified by Islamophobia, which they soundly condemn as a great terrorist threat.

If they wanted to reduce terrorist threats, seems like they should have denounced Islamic terrorists instead!

OK Bloomberg, take that!

Well, the anti-Bloomberg gun give away went off yesterday. Don't think it makes much difference to "his honnor".

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Mayor's Choice

Mayor Fenty of D.C. has plenty of thinking to do, and lots of folks who want him to take the Parker case to the Supreme Court. But he has lots of others who wish he wouldn't. The Washington Post presents the choices in a surprisingly balanced way.

I hope the case goes to the high court. But as mention in prior posts, there are very solid political reasons not to let it happen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gun Giveaway Politics

Governor Kaine of Virginia wants to have it both ways. How typical of a politician when it comes to guns - and of Democrats.

Kaine just signed a law making it a felony to "sting" an FFL in VA without VA permission and VA/Federal LEO involvement.

Now, as reported in the Washington Post, he just doesn't understand why the VCDL is conducting a gun giveaway in a Fairfax County building.

Of course he knows why its being done.

  1. The giveaway supports the intent of the legislation he just signed
  2. It supports FFL holders in VA
  3. It sends a message to the Bloombergs of America
  4. It sends a message to the government of Virginia - Citizens will support their rights
  5. It is perfectly legal and ethical
As this surprisingly balanced article points out local government officials have no problem when government buildings are used for left leaning agenda's and anti-gun meetings by anti-gun non profits. Pro gun groups have the same right to assemble and conduct raffles etc.

This is democracy at work - the only reason the Dems in VA are upset is that the VCDL is playing it smart and this really makes the locals politicians nervous.

More power to the VCDL.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Regulatory Madness

In Illinois you need a FOID to legally own a firearm, even if you are 10 months old.

Wonder, how many violent crimes in Illinois are committed by FOID holders?

More Voices Against Gun Free Zones

The VT Killings have increased the debate around the error of gun free zones. Expect gradual movement on this until the next gun free zone killing.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Presidental Candidate Litmus Test

Rudy G said the other day, that the Constitution gives individuals the right to keep and bear arms. Now I am not convinced that the former Mayor of New York who aggressively enforced the city's draconian Sullivan law can be trusted on this one. But I want every candidate to affirm their position on the Second Amendment. Any candidate that waffles on this, that does not unequivocally state that the Constitution does guarantee an individual right to keep and bear arms, need not worry about being elected, because they will have killed their chances.

Now the Democrats can get away with nominating someone not on the right side of the Second Amendment. But if nominated they will lose. Frankly, we can only hope for such a candidate.

Any Republican hoping to capture the nomination must pass muster on this point.

But....once candidates get past this Second Amendment test, they will have to also convince me that.

  • they will not support an assault weapons ban
  • they will not limit magazine capacity
  • they will support CCW and the privacy of CCW holders

Bloomberg's Wake

The Washington Post recent reports on Virginia's response to Mayor Bloomberg's guerrilla war, now includes criticism of a planned gun giveaway sponsored by the Virginian Civilian Defense League. In its Sunday edition, it describes Fairfax County government official's discomfort with the VCDL meeting, since citizens may attend and be legally armed.

The Washington Post does a poor job of trying to present an issue objectively. It continues to push its pacifist agenda by portraying citizens who are willing to defend themselves and others, as some kind of fringe element that society is embarrassed by.

Surprisingly, both these WP articles were written by the same reporter. Yet the latest one fails to even mention the bill that Governor Kaine just signed making Bloomberg's sting operation a felony.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Gun Magazine Time

Well, after the VT killings, it's not surprising that various politicians at various levels want to push for some token gun control measures. So in Illinois its time to attack the magazine capacity issue and limit it again to 10 rounds.

This useless concept has no real impact on crime or even the VT killer's circumstances.

As many gun owners know, you can change a magazine in under 1 second no matter what the capacity - but it makes politicos feel good to offer up tokens.

Anyway more of this stuff will just drive up the current price of clips. I recently bought a few more hi caps...because you never know....and it might be a good investment too.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is the Paker Decision going to the Supremes?

The District of Columbia has lost its request that the Parker decision be reviewed by the Appeals Court that affirmed that the Second Amendment provides for an Individuals right to keep and bear arms.

Now D.C. has 90 days to request the case be heard by the Supreme Court.

D.C. can request the High court's support but are the stakes too high? Might D.C. decide in deference to Hillary Clinton, not to allow the issue to go to the High court when it might well become a 2008 presidential campaign issue, and look badly for the Democrats.

If the case is pending with the High Court, Hillary will be asked to make a stand on the issue. This could be very hard for the Democrats who would end up alienating their left or moderates if they take the wrong position. Hillary would not be able to dodge the issue. Surely Obama etc. would take the stand that the 2nd Amendment is a Collective right.

So, Mayor Fenty will be under pressure to not take the case forward. Instead he is likely to try to regulate around the issue by imposing some liberalization of D.C. gun laws that would keep most guns out of the hands of citizens who want them while letting some guns flow to those who would have to pass rigid criteria.

The criteria might include need, training, and specify the type of weapons allowed.

Even if such rules are adopted, they will likely face legal challenges, but through regulation, D.C. can still make it unlikely that the average law abiding citizen can have a gun in their home. D.C. can do this an avoid an embarrassing political issue for the Democrats and a likely worse outcome assuming the High Court would sustain the Parker Decision.

Gun Control Education

Penn and Teller Part 1 on Gun Control

Penn and Teller Part 2 on Gun Control

Penn and Teller Part 3 on Gun Control

Monday, May 7, 2007

An Objective View of Gun Control

20/20 reports that gun control may be problematic. Maybe there is hope for the media.

The Future for American Gun Owners

The following is a e-mail from a VA resident sent to a VA Newspaper. It reflects a perspective that may hold sway in your future.

Do you want to live in an America where you feel you
have to provide a handgun to your sons or daughters
for them to be safe in college or high school
classrooms? Would you want to carry a firearm every
time you go to the grocery store, to the shopping
mall, to church or to any public place? If not
everywhere you go, how will you know when the armed
madman or criminal might appear?

Would you and your family be willing to practice
handling and shooting a gun so that you might have
some realistic chance of defending yourself against an
armed criminal? Will you need a 9 mm handgun with a
15-round clip so you won't be outgunned by an armed
criminal? Will you need a bulletproof vest, or
armor-piercing bullets in case the criminal is wearing
a vest?

Or would you feel content to rely on gun enthusiasts
like those who write to this newspaper, hoping that
they will be there and that they will be as good with
a gun as they think they are?

If the opportunity to carry firearms in public places
is such a valuable right, why aren't more of us
actually doing it?

The tragedy at Virginia Tech is so sad and personal
that it feels wrong to talk about anything other than
the overwhelming fact that people lost their lives.
But perhaps it is more wrong now not to talk about
guns in America.

I believe the answer is fewer guns, not more guns. The
idea of an armed citizenry may have made some sense in
Colonial times. Today, it is madness.

I also believe that America is on an irreversible path
to stricter gun control similar to the paths that
every other civilized nation has followed. Demographic
changes and advances in technology are altering rural
lifestyles. The mere passage of time distances us from
the overly romanticized, Wild West attitudes that
produce these self-professed rugged individualists who
believe in self-help by gun, instead of relying on our
trained police forces as the rest of us, collectively,
democratically, have chosen.

Effective gun control will be extreme gun control, and
it may very well require the repeal of the Second
Amendment and the reconstitution of the current
Supreme Court. If it is to happen sooner rather than
later, it will require that wives and mothers and
young people have the strength of will and conviction
to oppose and stand up to those mostly old men who are
not going to change their minds about guns.

It won't happen in my lifetime, probably not in my
children's lifetimes. But it will happen, and America
will be a better place when it does.
If this viewpoint is as upsetting to you as it is to me, then now is the time to get involved.
If you don't want an America where gun ownership is considered evil then you must be willing to get actively involved to:

  • Defeat any candidate for political office that does not in word and deed support an Individual's right to keep and bear arms - no matter what else you agree with them on, if they don't support this, you must work against them.
  • Educate your friends, neighbors, children, grand children etc., about the enjoyment of the shooting sports and the responsible use of firearms as well as the reality that firearms are a valid means of self-defense - the right to keep and bear arms is an outgrowth of every one's natural right to self-defense.
  • Support gun rights organization by joining the NRA, SAF or local organization.
  • Be an advocate by word and deed for the responsible use of firearms. Don't foster the negative by doing stupid things with a gun.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Military Needs a Better Gun

Some in Congress are concerned with a recent move by the Pentagon to purchase 500,000 more M-4 Carbines. Is this the gun our troops deserve?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Revolting City

Philadelphia, must not be the city of brotherly love. Seems the city doesn't believe that the state law pre-empting local firearms laws doesn't apply to them. So now they intend to sue the state to somehow become exempt from the state's firearm pre-emption laws.

This is the new trend in local leftist leaning governments. If a law you don't like applies to you....just ignore it. Better than that challenge the law by suing your state government.

Of course its just political grandstanding, but it puts the citizen in the middle.

Comply with an new illegal law, or don't comply and get arrested?

Seems like a new theory in Constitutional law is being tested. It's not about State's rights ...its about municipal rights.

If Penn. has any guts, it will appropriately respond to this challange by promptly getting a court to stop any enforcement of "illegal" Philia gun control measures.

Terror List

What's wrong with the NRA's position on preventing the AG from putting Terror List folks on the "can't buy a gun" list?

On the surface it seems like a reasonable approach. But can and will this authority be abused.

The NRA has raised some valid issues. The legislation should be fully vetted and amended to ensure some form of review, due process etc., considering the real chance that you could end up on this list through no fault of your own.

I can easily see future circumstances where the misuse of this provision will cost some lives.

Is this legislation really needed? Can't the government keep close tabs on potential terrorists without telling them that they are being watched?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gonzales Should Resign

Well, I am now convinced that the Attorney General should resign. Not because he fired some US Attorneys, but because he speaks before he thinks.

His latest remarks about guns on College campuses makes it clear that this man is no supporter of the peoples right to defend themselves.

Mr. Gonzales, its time to go!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Virginia Gun Control Change Problematic

The Executive Order signed by Governor Kaine may hold some problems that will need fixing, VCDL alert indicates that:

Earlier today, Governor Kaine signed an Executive Order (EO) prohibiting another category of people from owning firearms. Kaine's EO would take away gun rights for life of any person adjudicated dangerous, but only ordered to be treated as an OUTPATIENT. (Anyone who is committed as an inpatient currently loses their gun rights

So, what's the problem?

1. Kaine's action is probably unconstitutional! If Kaine can just issue an Imperial Decree changing existing law without any debate from our elected representatives, why not just disband the General Assembly, if they aren't needed any more? :-(

The proper way to handle a situation like this is for the Governor to call a special session of the General Assembly to address this issue and ask the the General Assembly to modify the law.

2. His EO may appear to be a reasonable restriction because no one wants a violent, insane person to have a gun or any other weapon for that matter.

However, what judge in HIS right mind would allow a person who the judge KNOWS to be a danger to himself or to others to be sent home and allowed to do outpatient treatment?!? The judge should commit himself to inpatient treatment for doing such a thing! That's like sending serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer back home but requiring him to attend weekly counseling sessions!

If a person is adjudicated dangerous to himself or others, he should be confined, NOT sent home!

So you might ask, why would there be ANY patients who were both dangerous AND ordered to do outpatient treatments?

Because the judge might believe that the person isn't really 'dangerous,' but the judge feels that the person does desperately need mental help and that the person wouldn't seek such help on his own. So the judge declares the person to be 'dangerous' so that the person can be forced to take the outpatient treatment.

Should a person who is not believed to be dangerous by a judge be banned from having guns for the rest of his life?

3. The Governor's edict is retroactive! Thus, if you were treated as an outpatient under a court order thirty years ago and have been fine ever since, you can now no longer BUY, OWN, or POSSESS any firearms.
If you do you can be charged with a federal FELONY!

4. The Governor has falsely promised that gun rights could be restored. NOT true. There is no way to get your name off the federal list once Virginia has added you to it, even if you are now perfectly normal. You will be prohibited by federal law from buying or possessing a firearm for the rest of your life. And you may not even realize you are a 'prohibited' person, so when you attempt to purchase a firearm, you may be shocked when you are arrested for lying on the 4473, which is a FELONY.

5. Once you are on the federal mental defect list, you could lose more than your gun rights. Your security clearance could be at risk.
Your job too.

6. According to the Washington Post, Attorney General McDonnell said, "We are still in a state of mourning, but now is the time for action." What he's really saying is that he's got to do something, anything, to make it look like the government is doing something.
Just another "feel good" measure - and one embraced by Governor Kaine!

And talk about rushing to do something - Kaine JUST APPOINTED a commission to look at the mental health problem and make suggestions, but Kaine didn't even wait for the commission to meet! He just charged forward on his political hobbyhorse!

So how did we get into this situation?

Simple - the Court system failed us by not committing the VT murderer to involuntary treatment. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Governor comes along with a knee-jerk solution and compounds the problem by throwing out a huge net to catch such a very rare person. That huge net brings in all kinds of unintended consequences. And it still won't guarantee more government failures that could lead to more murders and mayhem down the road.

Lest you think I am exaggerating the negative impact that the Governor's actions will have on those who need help, want help, and are willing to seek help, I will share with you an email I just received from one of our brave Armed Forces members.

I have left off the person's name for obvious reasons:

"I came back [from my tour of duty] last fall. I'm very worried that getting advice, counseling, or treatment could have ramifications on my ability to carry, own, and use firearms. I've been diagnosed with "mild PTSD" [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and am very anxious that treatment it is going to put me on some list. I believe I can handle the PTSD, if necessary, but it'd be a whole lot easier if there weren't that Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

As it is, I'm treating myself based on information from public sources."

I'll be honest - that email tore me up. Just watching the news and seeing what those men and women go through in protecting this county is enough to give ME mild PTSD! I can't even imagine being at war and living through all that our fighting men and women live through.
Yet we put them in a position of being afraid to seek a helping hand in adjusting back to normal, peacetime life!

Is this what those who are suffering from emotional stress and trauma, or have common things like depression, get to look forward to? The additional worry of becoming a second-class citizen, disarmed by their own government for seeking help?

And what about employment? Those in a position to lose their guns unfairly will now also be in a position to lose their security clearances unfairly, too.

For now, VCDL needs to investigate the whole situation and its implications in more detail. I have been talking to the Attorney General's Office, as well as to the aides of House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith and Delegate John Welch.

Things like a temporary injunction come to mind, so that the law can be changed carefully and not in a knee jerk reaction. Letting the General Assembly change the law, if it needs changing at all, in a constitutional way is a necessity, too. ;-)

This alert for now is just a 'heads up.' The implications of what is happening could have grave consequences for a lot of innocent people and we are going to be monitoring the situation carefully.

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL).
VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The membership considers the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to be an essential human right.
Imperfections indeed may exist, and should be remedied through legislative action, but few can blame Virginia for trying to take quick action to close the loophole that helped the VT Killer get guns.