Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Amendment Momentum

So, now liberals are saying the Supreme Court's decision affirming the Second Amendment is really just the opening round in a series of new court cases which may ultimately negate the impact of the Heller decision.

They now argue that the ruling should narrowly be applied to just the District of Columbia, which is not a State. They are hopeful that another Supreme court case down the road will hold that states can assert their interests over that of the individual.

Liberals will never stop...trying to get the government to permit a broad spectrum of behavior - except for behavior that empowers the individual to protect themselves with a weapon.

They still can only see weapons as a force for evil - this viewpoint however engraved in their minds, will not be altered by common sense or countless tales of individuals protecting their lives. To the liberal - a gun is un-civilized - something to loath. Those that are attracted to weapons are small minded blue collar red necks - of the kind that Oh!Bama speaks of.

Now the NRA has started legal action based upon the recent Supreme Court ruling.

It may take years for this decision's ripple effects to be fully felt in places like Chicago, San Francisco and New York City. But the momentum is with those who savor liberty.

Now will the NRA attempt to get those poor citizens of the District of Columbia the ability to purchase a handgun in Maryland and Virginia. The Heller decision won't mean a thing until these folks can legally buy a gun outside of D.C. You can bet that it will be many months before D.C. allows any FFLs to be established within it's borders. Thousands of D.C. residents want to legally buy weapons today.

When will the ATF issue special regulations to allow FFL holders in Maryland and Virginia to sell handguns to the law abiding residents of D.C. ?

Don't hold your breath!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Right to Bear Arms is Upheld

Well it's no surprise to most 2nd Amendment advocates; The Supremes endorsed your right to keep and bear arms. I am disappointed that the margin of victory was slim. To win 5-4 just shows how the court is divided on ideological grounds.

The next President can stack the deck so that a later court decision can overturn this victory.

As for Oh!Bama. Mr. flip-flop now is trying to sound like this decision is welcome.

I hope and pray that you all are not so stupid.

This man will say and do anything. He is more of an opportunist then Bill Clinton ever was....and he is more dangerous.

The media is buzzing with the implications of this Supreme Court decision. It was highly anticipated- and it will bring the downfall of other extreme laws- but it will not cause the wholesale reversal of generic gun control measures.

John McCain is on the right side of this issue.

He is on the right side of the Energy issue also.

As each passing week provides a more revealing look at what this Oh!Bama person portrays himself to be, it becomes evident that you don't really have much choice in this election.

Oh!Bama is a danger to your life, liberty and everything else you hold dear. His approach will invite our enemies to test our lack of metal. He will raise your taxes. He will ensure that gas prices stay high.

Only liberals in denial won't admit the truth about what he represents.

I hope John McCain deals with Oh!Bama as ferociously and as wily as he dealt with his Vietnamese captors.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Success and Challenges

The NRA reports success in blocking the city of Philia from proceeding with it's latest gun restriction plans.

But now we all know that Oh! Bama will lead the charge for the Democrats - and 80 million gun owners are now at risk at losing parts of their Second Amendment rights, piece by piece.

This election is historic. Not just because Oh! Bama is unique - but because it will mark a watershed moment in American history, where this country took a nose dive to the left or stood solid in the center.

Imagine what a Democratic Congress, with a Democrat in the White House will be able to do to move on their liberal agenda. Imagine....a revived and renewed Assault Weapons ban that takes away almost all semi-autos from the market. Imagine living with five round magazines. Imagine new taxes on ammunition, imagine a law banning the environmental hazards of black powder.

80 million American gun owners must awake. The danger is greater now than at any previous time in recent history. There is only one choice in this election - and not voting is not one of them.