Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Parks May Allow Firearms

Those of you who have a favorite National Park in your area will benefit if current proposed Interior Dept. rules are implemented.

While it may confuse some to have to consider local state law, the concept of posting signs saying firearms allowed or no firearms allowed is a welcome change to the current 25 year old complete ban on carrying firearms in National Parks.

While it is statistically true that National Parks are safe, it would be safer if hikers like myself could carry our loaded handguns to guard against the potential for an attack by man or beast.

The fact that mountain lion attacks or robberies are rare is of no comfort to someone after they have been killed. Carrying a weapon is after all, an insurance policy that one hopes they will never have to employ.

This is a common sense rule change, which needs to have your support.

You have 60 days to tell the Interior Dept. what you think.