Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Castle Doctrine Momentum

The Governor of Texas just signed the Texas version of the Castle Doctrine into law.


The timing is right to pin down the current crop of Presidential hopefuls about their support or lack thereof for this type of legislation. Of course state legislatures make the decision here, but there is nothing wrong with learning the opinion of the current hopefuls to better ferret out their true Second Amendment beliefs.

On another note;

Senator Webb of Virginia will now have to untangle the mess created by his aide, who now sits in a District of Columbia lockup. The Senator is not allowed to carry in the Capitol building. Guns must be packaged and unloaded. The gun brought in by the Senator's aide was neither.

Is it ironic that Senator Webb is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and yet has authored legislation that would stop funding for any effort to confront Iran?

Well at least we can say he is a principled guy.

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