Friday, March 18, 2016

Mosin Nagant Again

It has been a long time since I commented on the virtues, relatively of the Russian Mosin Nagant.

Mine is still going evidenced by the pictures 100yds, from the bench, using Surplus Romanian ammo.

For me...this is the perfect utilitarian weapon...accurate enough for most needs....and if you can still find them....they are still a good buy.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Politics for Today

So, tomorrow more primary elections will be held....and more clarity will come to US in...who will be more likely to get nominated.

For me it is very simple.

Hillary Clinton is a lying, shallow, piece of poop.

Bernie Sanders is a delusional communist.

Trump is a bombastic, narcissistic, blowhard.
Cruz is not to be trusted.

Rubio is a shallow, lightweight.

The Ohio governor is a loser.

So, who shall I vote for....who shall you vote for.

Simple; vote for the best of the lot.

Who can lead and ultimately make us better, stronger, safer.

No choice here.

The choice is between winners and losers.

Trump can defeat Hillary.

Trump can lead.

Trump has the Guts to succeed.

The rest....forget it.

Those poor liberals who will vote for a Bernie or a Hill of Beans....feel sorry for them...they are delusional...

Sad fact...30% of the country are just losers...just want something for nothing...won't to shit to earn a thing.

They are lost.