Monday, October 31, 2011

Range Report - CZ 453

Had a chance to go to the range with the CZ 453 Varmint again today. Temp was around 50 degrees, wind gusts of 3-5 mph. Results using Wolf target 22lr at 50 yards were good. The set trigger was pretty solid after the adjustments I made...and the regular trigger pull was reduced to about 3 lbs.

I shot 100 rounds using the set trigger about half the time. Notice still that a few times the set trigger would not let off....seems like applying any slight pressure before the squeeze causes the set trigger to not engage. After some experience with the set trigger....I would generally favor just using the regular trigger with its now reduced pull weight.

The best five shot group as per below was .41 of an inch. The next best group was .5 inch. This is after shooting around 20 five shot groups from a bench rest position.

Note bad for a slightly windy day.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Big O Continues to Be At Odds with Himself

Politico reports today how Obama keeps looking to show he supports Wall St...while still bashing them at every turn....and they wonder why?

Here is why.

This is not just ineptness. This is what happens when the true core of Democratic and leftist ideology has to live within an administration that has some elements within it...that strives for political realism.

In the end the head (Obama's) rules the body politic.....and a shallow ideologue can't help from sending disjointed messages.

Is he Bi Polar?....maybe.

Is he stupid....Well it would seem he is politically stupid in his current position.

Why wasn't this pattern in evidence before the election? ...well he was never tested in combat...being only a former community activist pandering to a passive, dependent audience.

So...what is the solution.

There seems to be none...for Obama can't become what he is not.

He is not a leader, he is not an administrator...he is just a former eloquent mouthpiece for a fictional America....a construct of ideology...purely fabricated to pull the wool of voters...which he did well.

Essentially, a false soul...going through life dishonestly at every turn.

Now...Politico is beginning to honestly report on the reality of this President.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Debate - More Clarity

From last nights debate performance, any voter who wants 'real change' in Washington - that is - to replace the current occupant of the White House,....would be happy with most of the GOP contenders....if was simply a choice of one of them vs Obama.

But, any intelligent voter....who wants a different and hopefully better President....has to consider....who best represents their values, goals, hopes and who can win. looks like Romney can stand solidly up against his competition. Sure he is no ideologue on pure conservative issues....but he his not appearing 'weak kneed' either.

The election will be won by winning the middle - the independents - and those disenchanted former Obama supporters....who are tired of following a Democratic 'lemming' strategy of diving over the cliff with more failed policies, and appeals to a more divided America.

Romney can unite the right and the center. Obama can only divide us.

The rest of the GOP hopefuls will help Romney gain skills and more one who appears Presidential. The silly efforts to attack each other last night so orchestrated by CNN is not what voters want to see. But I can't blame CNN...they of course are not out to make GOP hopefuls look good....but yesterday...despite what some was Obama who got the worst of the debate. As we go forward in this process it will be more and more Obama painted by all GOP hopefuls as the only real goal that matters....and that is to stop the erosion of this economy and this American society under the current President - who clearly has no interest in doing anything that is best for all of us - if in doing so it reduces his chances for re-election.

Monday, October 17, 2011

CZ 453 Varmint

Recently, I picked up a CZ 453 Varmint.

It is a fine example of a high quality bolt action rim-fire.
This one is in 22lr with a heavy 20 inch barrel, set trigger, 5 rnd mag, walnut stock.
The bolt locks up securely almost like a center fire rifle. Twin extractors ensure positive ejection.

This model requires 11mm scope rings to attached to the integral scope base on the receiver. I put a Lueopold 9x variable on mine, and set off to the range with Wolf 22lr target ammo...shooting from a bench at 50 yards.

Results were great. Most 5 shot groups were under a half inch. Some four shot groups hit .30 -40 inch. The set trigger was acting a little quirky. I would set it by pushing forward....and then sometimes the trigger would engage and release the sear and sometimes it wouldn't. Shooting without the set trigger engaged was no surprise. No creep, with around 3-4 lb let off.

Per, on the CZ board seems like the set trigger can be an issue if the adjustments on the trigger are not just right. The trigger is fully adjustable....and I played with the pull a bit....and the set trigger adjustment. My next range test will see how well it improves the overall trigger and the set trigger.

You can buy one of these for around $500 if you shop around. It weighs around 6 lbs. It is more ideal for small game hunting than just target shooting. But it can do fine just on tin cans and paper targets if that is your preference. Wolf Target ammo has preformed well for me. But I really didn't try any other brand....but I am inclined to keep using Wolf when I am doing target shooting.

The Great Divider

So, Obama continues another bus tour...this time to paint all opposition as supporters of the 1 percent of Americans at the top of the economic ladder to the detriment of the rest of us. As if his policies have benefited the rest of us. He fails to tell, and the media fails to he supported the bail out of Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Motors etc.

This Obama....prostitutes himself continuously...and will proceed to lower the office of the Presidency by playing divide and conquer.

Obama has no other weapons - the great divider - history will call him -

He promised so much...delivered so little....destroyed so effectively....and will leave a lasting legacy of distrust.

A man so small that few who witnessed the 2008 campaign would ever predict he would fall so low....and diminish the term this extreme.

Sadly, too much of America supports this masochistic perspective - one that says....If I can't have the best that America offers...than those who do must be inherently evil, racist, malicious etc....but of course these deluded followers of the left, of socialism, of anti-capitalism....have nothing positive to offer. They would poison the well of a cohesive where all boats could be lifted by prosperity...transforming the promise of hope and opportunity into a dark mantra that paints all opposition as without merit.

Thank you Mr. President - your place in history is now well assured.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lets Drink Some Beer

Yesterday, the Commander in Chief, drank beer with some unemployed a feigned show of solidarity with their pain.

Such staged attempts at empathy are too laughable to even comment...but I will offer the following comment.

Pathetic attempt to appear as one of us.
He is an alien....if not physically from another planet, then in all other respects....he is alien to American values and culture. He is a child of the left, forever lost in his own narcissism, blind to the reality of what the average American feels and thinks, guided only by his fellow alien advisers who have no clue.
Do us all a favor, resign now, or at least tell us that your not running for a second term.

Obama is an aberration in American political experience. The perfect storm was created that allowed this incompetent fool to get elected. We can only hope it is the last time Americans fall prey to their own willingness to suspend critical thinking. Of course we could not expect better from the media....but lets us pray that we average Americans have learned a painful lesson...which is ....leadership is more than skin deep.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Uberti Winchester 1873 Range Results

Got a chance to take a Uberti 1873 Winchester to the range today and try out some experimental loads. Results were achieved at 75 yds and 100 yds from a bench rest position using the open buckhorn sights, while I am still awaiting delivery of a Pederosoli Tang sight.

At 75 yds a 10 rnd group measured around 4.25 inches. At 100 yds things opened up to 6.5 inches for 13 rnds, and I had two fliers out of the black.

Results were obtained using Hornady 225 gr FTX bullets, 8.7 gr of Unique, Starline Brass, Winchester Large Rifle primers. 5 shots at the yd target included 8.0 gr of Unique...a softer load with all shots hitting in the black.

Here is a look at the targets. This is the 75 yd target.

This is the 100 yd target.
So, am I satisfied with the load and the rifle?

Well, yes.

Using the stock open sights is a challenge. The trigger is still a bit heavy at around 7 lbs...but it is getting smoother and is crisp in let off.

I suspect the load can be altered a bit...I will try 8.4 gr of Unique for the next round of testing.

Final conclusions on the best load will await the installation of the tang sight. But overall, what an enjoyable gun to shoot.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Not Perry for President

Support for gun control is not Perry's problem. He is the most pro-gun of the current crop of GOP candidates. His support for benefits for illegals is his poison pill.

Perry can't defend the indefensible - not while he is seeking broad support from fiscal and social conservatives and even the middle of the road independent.

No one argues that an educated illegal is better than one on welfare.

Conservatives would argue and I agree, that any illegal should get no government benefits. They should be deported...unless they sign up for a path to citizenship that includes paying fines, paying taxes, learning English etc. etc.

Independents won't go for giving illegals in state tuition rates.

They should be barred from attending state supported colleges period.

The simple issue is - providing any benefits simply attracts more illegals, who then compete for a shortage of good jobs.

The pathway to legal immigration is open to those who follow it.

Perry will not get the nomination until and unless he disavows this law - and agrees to work toward preventing such state laws from being enacted.

Romney, Cain, or even Christie are starting to look like a much better alternative.