Saturday, March 24, 2012

Castle Doctrine

The facts are not clear, but the recent shooting of a Fla. teen who was unarmed as raised the question of "Castle Doctrine" laws in force in most states in the U.S. As mentioned in the reference article Castle Doctrine is not intended to legalize the pursuit of an attacker but rather enable a citizen to protect themselves when forced by a potential violent attack.

There are millions of U.S. citizens who own firearms for sport and protection. Many carry concealed every day. But it always comes down to judgement as to when it is appropriate to use deadly force.

The facts are not in, regarding this Fla. case. But, hindsight would indicate that the police needed to do a thorough job of investigating the facts. Normally, a local prosecutor would examine the facts, present the facts to a Grand Jury, for a decision to be made as to any criminal conduct.

The fact that special interests want to make this a "race" issue is not surprising. Only black on black crime or black on white crime is not a race issue. Any white on black incident always is seen as racism - by those who benefit by a race based view of society.

The shooter in this case is of Hispanic decent - looks white - and has a non Hispanic last name. How easy it is to claim racism - but the facts still need to be investigated.

One wonders how the Obamination - leading the U.S. government thinks he needs to open his big mouth on this subject. I don't recall his commenting the last time a white person was attacked and killed by a black person? - Frankly - the lack of real leadership in the US is sickening.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Russian Makarov Fun

Took out my IMEZ Russian Makarov in .380 for some target work at 25 yards today.

This is the adjustable sight version which is worth around $250- $400 in the US depending on condition. Mine is in excellent shape and is real easy to use - and accurate even with imported Silver Bear .380 ammo.

This is what she looks like.