Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gun Permits on the Web

The protests of hundreds has shut down the Gun Permit database on the Roanoke Time's Web Site. The paper claims they took the data off because they had reasons to believe the data supplied by the Virginia State Police may not have been entirely accurate. They wanted to now be cautious to protect individuals who should not have been on the data base.

This excuse is as disingenuous as the their original stated purpose for publishing the data.

The paper was overwhelmed by the negative outcry and the likelihood that they now recognized their own potential financial liability if criminals ever used this information to target a permit holder for theft or other criminal acts.

Gun rights groups in Virginia reacted quickly to this situation and the immediate response of Permit holders was overwhelming.

Now a little lesson may have been learned in Virginia about attempts to unleash this kind of massive missile against law abiding gun owners.

But what happens if the Anti Gun lobby itself decides to use this as a tactic. What if the Brady Gun Control organization etc, requests the same data from the State Police. What if they publish it on their Web site.

Conclusion: We need legislation to prevent this abuse from happening again.

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