Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to Support the Second Amendment

As the battle ground over the interpretation of the Second amendment moves potentially to the United States Supreme Court, it is an appropriate moment to consider ways to mobilize opinion and support for an individual right interpretation.

One way is to organize a "I support an Individual's Right to Keep and Bear Arms" campaign that asks businesses to display signs on their premises, in their printed adds, and on their Web Sites proclaiming just that.

With approximately 80 million plus gun owners, those that do take a stand on the issue may well gain some market share. Those that refuse can also be identified and targeted for boycott by those inclined to act with their wallets.

Now is a good time to take this concept seriously - and move on it with a broad based coalition of national and local gun rights proponents.

To gain broad acceptance, key national corporations would have to be brought on board early.

Maybe this idea can get some traction soon?

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