Friday, January 22, 2016

Democrats are Idiots - But that's Good

I noticed that a number of Congressional Democrats are asking the Obamination in Chief to ban the import of certain firearms that don't fit their interpretation of having a sporting purpose. Of course the ban on assault style weapons died years ago, and among the most popular are AK style weapons where parts or whole weapons are imported. Many companies are doing a brisk business in fine AK rifles using a combination of imported and domestically produced parts. All of this is perfectly legal and in accordance with ATF regs, which are strictly enforced.

So, what's up with the Dem Idiots -

It is simple, - they are trying to make sure that they lose the vast majority of upcoming Congressional and Gubernatorial well as any chance of staying in control of the White House.

Historical fact - More gun control is a loser for Democrats.

Reality - Dems are in this current day, no longer concerned with any impact on real problems....everything is about appealing to some political faction in their base.

Their base is composed of societies losers - those that fear individual rights and prefer collective rights, especially the right to be coddled by the nannie state.

Of course millions of gun owners who previously voted with them out of pure stupidity, may finally be awaking. So, my dear idiot liberal, leftist, anarchistic, neurotic adherents to Stat-ism, go forth and push more laws that restrict the rights of citizens to defend themselves.

I look forward to your further political decline into complete obsolescence as the majority of voters continue to reject your failed ideology.

As has been consistently documented recently, - the elites have no desire to enforce current gun laws. Enforcing the current law is not politically advantageous to them....why you ask?

Simple; it is their constituents who commit crime with illegal guns....if they prosecute their constituents they can no longer vote for Democrats. Better to leave them on the street and keep them as a potential supporter....and besides since most gun crime is done by minority members racially speaking.....well it is politically just incorrect to subject these poor discriminated folks to jail time for merely using illegal guns.

No wonder someone like Trump is getting real traction.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hiatus Over

Long time asleep,

My writing will now continue.

So....just for starters.

The Second Amendment is alive and well and flourishing.

During my recent range activity I notice more newbies, first time shooters of all ages....

No surprise considering the continued surge in gun purchases.

Wonder if we could ever get the demographics on gun purchasers who are first time gun buyers....of course there is no database for that.....????

Simple political truth.

The Democrats are currently running a Lemming Strategy.

Tout Gun control as loud as you can, and you will solidify your leftist base....which was already in your will turn away independents and gun owning Democrats, and anyone else who cares about their ability to own a gun.
You will lose voters....but you are lemmings so you don't care.

You seek your own destruction....

Not depressing at all to me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Australian Trash

A new study conducted by researchers from Australia's Monash University and Britain's Manchester University suggests "symbolic racism [is] related to having a gun in the home and opposition to gun control policies by [U.S.] whites."

I once met some Australians and some Brits at a conference in New Zealand, over 10 years ago. Funny, we were all very sociable, having dinner one night...when somehow the conversation turned to gun ownership.

One Brit kept dumping on the U.S., for our backward love of firearms. is with no surprise that some "eggheads" in Australia ...a nation that has done much harm to gun owners there in the recent past.....would come out with Brit supported research that trashes the U.S. - and somehow now brings "race" into the issue.

So...I must be a racist...since I love firearms...and have ever since I was a kid. I must be a racist since I watched all those WWII movies and cowboy movies growing up....and couldn't wait until I could one day shoot a gun.

I must be a racist since I have been shooting ever since I was 16 and never have hurt anyone with a gun - even though I am very capable of defending myself and my own family if need be.

So....this kind of trash comes from some institute of "Higher Learning". It is a pity that such dribble is allowed to be published. You would think that some peer review would point out the fact that millions of gun least in the U.S. are not "white", but black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc.

No wonder that most people consider "academic studies" as pure bull these days....especially....since most academic researchers are by their own special order of natural selection....(Darwin's Survival of the Ass Kissers)...likely to be left leaning, feminized, emasculated wimps.

Well...because of this study.....I will simply refuse to eat Australian lamb or British kidney pie.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CZ 85

How many shooters today have any appreciation for the guns of CZ - of the CZ-75 design?
Most likely very few.

Well, at least very few in the US.

The other day I took out my CZ 85. That's the CZ-75 design with a fully adjustable rear sight. This one is in nickel - 9mm. And not too long ago, I had a trigger job done on it by CZ Custom in Arizona.
Now the CZ trigger out of the box is not bad, but it has some creep. For me, the creep was tolerable but annoying, and I felt it was reducing the inherent ability of the gun to show it's true potential as a target pistol at 25 yards. CZ Custom, did a great job for a very reasonable price. The trigger pull was reduced to what feels like 2 lbs to me, all creep is gone. - a new hammer was part of the process.
Now this gun shoots like a dream.

The target below, is my results of testing some new handloads, shooting from the bench at 25 yards. While my results standing with a two hand hold were not as good as this...they were 85% of all shots in the 9 and 10 ring.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Current State of Affairs

While the US Government is in the throws of disarray over a budget stalemate, a debt ceiling confrontation and complete partisan bickering at home....not to even mention....pending overseas security flareups...and continue deep division internally over immigration and other liberal agenda key goals....we who cherish the Second Amendment can for the time being rest assured that nothing extreme is going to happen to dilute our gun rights.

It is about time though that the majority of politicians got around to stop mentally ill people from owning guns.

So...why don't we see legislation that requires mental health professionals to turn over to the ATF the identifying information for anyone who is deemed a potential threat to the safety of others. This means we will need to err on the side of the public's right to be safe....and let these medical professionals make the initial call - which can be appealed later - but would stop a gun transfer from occurring. A federal law is needed to get this done...with penalties for those mental health professionals who prefer to be politically correct....and look the other way.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Castle Doctrine

The facts are not clear, but the recent shooting of a Fla. teen who was unarmed as raised the question of "Castle Doctrine" laws in force in most states in the U.S. As mentioned in the reference article Castle Doctrine is not intended to legalize the pursuit of an attacker but rather enable a citizen to protect themselves when forced by a potential violent attack.

There are millions of U.S. citizens who own firearms for sport and protection. Many carry concealed every day. But it always comes down to judgement as to when it is appropriate to use deadly force.

The facts are not in, regarding this Fla. case. But, hindsight would indicate that the police needed to do a thorough job of investigating the facts. Normally, a local prosecutor would examine the facts, present the facts to a Grand Jury, for a decision to be made as to any criminal conduct.

The fact that special interests want to make this a "race" issue is not surprising. Only black on black crime or black on white crime is not a race issue. Any white on black incident always is seen as racism - by those who benefit by a race based view of society.

The shooter in this case is of Hispanic decent - looks white - and has a non Hispanic last name. How easy it is to claim racism - but the facts still need to be investigated.

One wonders how the Obamination - leading the U.S. government thinks he needs to open his big mouth on this subject. I don't recall his commenting the last time a white person was attacked and killed by a black person? - Frankly - the lack of real leadership in the US is sickening.