Sunday, March 11, 2007

D.C. Gun Ban Coverage

Its fascinating following the news coverage of this federal court ruling. Most of the media is representing the issue as a potentially dangerous precedent that could unleash hoards of new guns into society.

Some in the media are trying to show the issue in a balanced way, and today's Washington Post had a balanced discussion (surprisingly) of the good reasons why the Plaintiff's joined in the court case.

One has got to ask a simple question. Why is it that since 1976 the government of the District of Columbia has seen fit to deny its law abiding citizen's the right and ability to defend themselves in their own homes. A right and capability enjoyed by the District's neighbors in Maryland and Virginia and in most of the country.

Could it be that this really is an inherently racist practice in the guise of well meaning legislation?

Most of DC's citizen's are black. Would this law banning the ownership of firearms in the home (handguns) be on the books today if the majority of the citizens of DC were white? I think not.

The black community is the predominate victim of crime committed in DC. Yet black community leaders are not proponents of the right to self defense. Why ? Are they also buying in to the incipiently racist viewpoint that more guns legally owned by blacks would produce more crime. That blacks can't be trusted to own and responsibility use handguns?

Its time to empower all the law abiding citizens of this great city to do what most of the rest of the country has long been able to do....namely, have the ability to defend their lives and that of their families.

The time has come for change.

It is time to trust the people's rights, not fear them.

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