Saturday, July 7, 2007

Media Focus on the AK

The Associated Press points to the AK and its inventor, with a clear implication that somehow the AK's creator should be oozing with guilt over the results of his great invention.

So, once again the media takes the position that a weapon designed to defend Russia against its enemies is somehow inherently evil.

This fits the anti weapon bias of the press, who can't even see the reality of an armed force organized and equiped to effectively defend a nation.

The AP would prefer a guilt ridden Mikhail Kalashnikov, a guilt ridden John Browning, Eugene Stoner etc...individuals whose inventions have saved countless lives.

The paradox of our reality is something our media just can't accept.

Weapons intended to defend and save lives can and are used offensively and without merit. This is the nature of man and not the nature of the weapon. The weapon does nothing by itself.

But we don't really expect the media to tell that point of view.

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