Saturday, April 14, 2007

What to do about Bloomberg?

Well, the good Mayor of NYC is still at it. Looks like the Justice Dept. won't stop him. The Gun Manufacturers are trying.

Perhaps we should try.

  • Boycott everything NYC
    • Don't watch Letterman
    • Don't buy clothes with NY displayed
    • Don't watch Yankee or Met games
    • Don't see any movies about or made in NYC
    • Don't eat corn beef or pastrami sandwiches
    • Don't read magazines published in NYC
    • Stop reading the Wall St. Journal
    • Don't hold business meetings, conventions or pleasure trips to NYC

  • Set up a sting operation
    • try to buy cigarettes in Manhattan with underage stooges and then initiate suit against store owners
    • try to find a hooker at a Manhattan hotel and then sue the hotel for promoting prostitution
Of course the most effective thing in this battle is the kind of legislation VA recently passed that makes it illegal to "conduct sting operations" if your not a LEO.

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