Monday, February 12, 2007

Why I like Commie Guns

Just pick up a CZ 52 and you can't help but admire its old world flavor. It's not without style, but what little style it has serves it's function.

To be sure, its rudimentary slide release, its inconvenient magazine release, its trigger and decocker...all would be improved by future generations of CZ weapons, but for a 1950's model, its a great nostalgic throw back to the cold war.

It's ammunition is by today's standards a rather hot 3o caliber (7.62x25)bottleneck...originally designed for submachine guns.

I modified my CZ 52 with an updated firing pin bought through that improved the safety of the gun and the trigger pull.

I added a simple rubber hand all slip on grip and now this piece of cold war history can hold it's own agains most other automatics in terms of accuracy, reliability and comfort.

The best part of the CZ 52 is its price. Mine cost $139. You can easily find it on the WEB or at gun shows for that price.

This is a fun gun to shoot, an interesting gun to learn about, one of the first CZ pistols to be adopted and its built to last.

This is a powerful will get a lot of attention at the range and be prepared to walk a few feet to find your ejected brass.

This is just one of many surplus firearms on the market that originate from the old Soviet block - winning the cold war certainly had its benefits and among them included the availability of interesting firearms and good prices.

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