Monday, February 19, 2007

Black Guns for Hunting

There is a current controversy around the remarks of Jim Zumbo, contributor to Outdoor Life Magazine... Jim's blog blasted hunters who use assault rifle looking weapons to hunt. He basically aligned such folks with the terrorists that commonly use AKs, SKSs etc. His comments provoked a storm of criticism from those in the gun world and second amendment advocates and praise from anti-gun groups.

Jim has now apologized for his expressed views....mainly because he didn't think through the impact of his comments...after all he serves the market that hunts and buys guns. What better way to bite the hand that feeds you.

But did Jim have any validity to his point - about the perception about how hunters are perceived carrying the evil assault looking weapon?

I can understand the discomfort that some feel when they view these weapons as symbols of evil - these gun owners generally feel that military style guns should not be seen outside of some firing range. They are sensitive to the perception of non shooters and anti-gunners. They may feel like apologizing for the existence of such weapons in the hands of civilians. Somehow these AKs, SKSs, ARs are polluting their pure sport, their love of shooting and hunting...or just turning off others who might otherwise support hunters' rights.

I can understand their discomfort, since they feel this way, but I don't agree that their feelings are justified.

The semi-auto that looks like a military assault weapon is only evil in the mind of someone who can only see its use for violent ends against innocent humans.

This mind set can't see their use for protection by civilians or militias. They can't envision a second amendment that would promote their use - even though the second amendment's founders clearly had the common and individual defense of liberty in mind. This mind set caves to politically correct thinking....everything that won't offend some constituency.

AK-47, SKSs, AR-15s all can function effectively as offensive weapons, as defensive weapons and as hunting guns. They are completely legal in most states. They are semi automatics not fully automatic like their military counterparts (the sks of course is only semi-automatic).

These guns are very popular, sell well, are quality products and anyone who attacks their users who legally purchase them, is mis-guided.

So the next time someone you gun or anti, attacks those who own military style weapons, take the time to educate them. Take them to the range to shoot an AR-15. Show them that in and of themselves, these guns are no more "evil" than any other tool that can be mis-used.

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