Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Zumbo

The Washington Post's 2/24/07 article on the aftermath of the Jim Zumbo story clearly reflects why the swift negative reaction to Zumbo's comments were sound, valid and necessary.

The Post which is no friend of the second amendment, put its article on the third page. A very visible position for an issue that impacted so few. Their purpose is to show how ruthless and lockstep the "gun culture" is...and how the partnership of lobby groups like the NRA and industry conspire to keep defections within its camp low.

This article gives comfort to the "antis" that if they just work harder, they may be able to split the "gun culture" between the rational hunters and the "gun nuts" who own the evil black guns.

The Post's efforts may backfire.

This story up to today had not made it to the National media. Perhaps it will.

The ultimate message of the National media - except for a few, like Fox News, will be that the Gun lobby crucifies its own when needed....showing its truly without heart.

The clearer message for gun owners and supporters is.

You can't afford to weaken your rights by tolerating the notion that owning one kind of gun is inherently evil. Such attitudes give strength to those who would legislate what is politically correct for you to own and criminalize you for not conforming to their politically correct notions.

Even liberal or moderate thinking hunters need to understand that the "anti second amendment" forces will be happy to win by taking away one little piece of the puzzle, i.e., hunters using assault weapons, knowing that the door opens to then eliminating, hunting with semi autos, hunting with sabots, owning military surplus firearms, owning guns with more than five shot capacity, and on and on until at the end of their world view now imposed in legislation, most guns will be illegal in this country.

So the Zumbo story potentially has a happy ending.

It's a great reminder of why gun supporters must be united and resolute. It shows that these folks are serious when they are upset and will take action to have their voices heard.

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