Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well What Now

So, disaster struck America, something most of us refused to believe could happen.

An avowed leftist, empty suit will now become the leader of the free world.

How long will our freedoms last with the black Messiah?

Not long, I suspect.

Within six months an Assault Weapons ban will be up for a vote.

An that will just be the beginning of the attack on your gun rights.

So...for the sometimes supporter of the second amendment.....just expect to lose what you have.

For those willing to march, write, and convince others....get ready to act.

Buy all the guns you can now....and all of those high cap mags you may never need. Pick up a couple of AKs....ARs and anything that is not a single shot.....because your tubular lever action will be outlawed in a few months....if it holds more than five rounds.

America has voted for change.....

So you will get what they voted for....mindless, blind, outrageous change that will set the stage for the collapse of this nations economic and social order beyond the current mess we are in.

If you think I am just to negative....think about it may be just too naive.

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